Happy November!


It’s already cold here at night here in Kentucky. Thankfully no snow yet but I know it’s on the way and may come this week.

I’ve put myself on a new fasting routine that was described in A Complete Guide to Fasting (affiliate link) in which you fast for 42-44 hours, eat two meals and then fast again. According to the book it is an incredibly effective method and I’m now on my second cycle. It goes a lot faster than you think! I’m looking forward to my results but I’m already feeling tons better so I’m going to keep going with it.

November Promotions

doTERRA’s November promotions are out!

When you enroll as a new wholesale or wellness advocate with a 100PV or more order – you get $50 in free oils! It’s a great time to join! What would you buy with $50 in free oils?

Your product of the month is Clove which comes free with every 125 PV or more order. Clove is wonderful for a warming massage and oral hygiene!


Also DigestZen softgels are 10% off this month! If you’re interested in knowing more about these deals, check out my Essential Oils page up at the top or leave a comment with your email and I’ll follow up with you.

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