About Mary



My name is Mary and I’ve been on an incredible journey. Over the last year and a half I’ve lost weight a ton of weight, gained some back, lost it, found myself spiritually, and started two business. Whoa. 

Last January I hated having my photo taken. I’d hide behind whatever I could to get out of it if possible. The photo from May 2016 only happened because my Dad wanted a photo of me with the person who was on the horse! I couldn’t even look at the photo until a year later. I was massively overweight and unhappy. 

I dedicated myself to getting on a healthier path and lost over 60lbs in 10 months. I worked out regularly, I restricted my eating, gave up unhealthy food and went for it. 

Unfortunate stressful circumstances cause me to learn a very important lesson, if you don’t accept and love yourself as you are – it comes back. I’m not going to dwell on what happened, I know where I went wrong and I had to learn the hard way. Now that I’m on the losing track again and I’m happier than I’ve ever been.

I put this out there because this journey is a huge part of my life and it’s not one that I can pretend doesn’t exist. In fact right now that’s what my YouTube channel is dedicated to. 

A little about me before I go further: I sell essential oils, I’m an equestrian, and I’m a knitwear designer. I have big plans for all three of those things in my future. Very big plans and I’d love to take you along for the ride with this site with some traveling adventures thrown in for good measure.

Short Bio: I live in Kentucky with my Canadian husband and too many animals! I love traveling, my animals, my friends, knitting, photography, self-development, podcasts, riding, and healthy living. 

I believe in being happy, self-care, dreaming big, knowing anything can happen, and going after your dreams.